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When I decided to do a “recipe roundup”, I immediately thought of Pinterest. It is a cool place to search for mouthwatering recipes, and of course, lots of other stuff. Plus, I think I have a new addiction! Seriously, I am on there at least twice a day….okay, usually even more often!

Anyway, as I was browsing I spotted a few different recipes using crescent rolls. Cooking with crescent rolls–the canned, refrigerated type–is so simple. Just unroll, fill (or not), roll up into a pretty crescent shape, bake, you’re done. Well, sometimes they are pretty crescent shapes, haha!

I thought crescent roll recipes would be a fun “roundup”, so I searched and found plenty of recipes-breakfasts, main dishes, appetizers, desserts. Here are 7 crescent recipes I wanted to share with you.
Please note the links to the contributing blogs, check them out, they are all terrific! Also, all of the pictures came from their respective blogs.

First up is a breakfast casserole by Bran Appetit. I love Brandi’s site. While you are there, you have to check out her Blueberry Walnut Oatmeal Pancakes with Vanilla Maple Glaze she made for the Pancake Party hosted by
Here is Brandi’s yummy Breakfast Casserole, found at  :


There are lots of crescent roll recipes for appetizers. What I like about this next recipe is it includes spinach, so I’m counting it as healthy! Of course, that’s how I like my healthy food, with a lot of cheese and other goodies. These luscious starters are by Claire Bidwell Smith, yes, the author. Turns out she has a beautiful website and blog. Please do yourself a favor and go to the homepage of her website, You will find a breathtaking photo there of her mother. Gorgeous.

Here are Claire’s Windy City Crescents, found online at :

Next up we have a delicious Chicken Casserole by Simply You and Me. Dana has a sweet blog and I’m dying to try out another of her recipes, Copycat Mocha Frapuccinno. She made it out of necessity, no Starbucks or even McDonald’s in her neck of the woods…I know the feeling, Dana! I live in a small, rural community myself.

Here is Dana’s Chicken Crescent Roll Casserole, find it at:



Another main dish prepared with crescent rolls is at Buffalo Chicken Crescents plus BONUS, 3 variations that sound and look just as good! If you haven’t checked out Plain Chicken, go! Now! Ok, after you finish here, heehee. Stephanie has some seriously mouthwatering dishes over there! And real cute kitty pics, too :)
The address for this crescent recipe is

The variations are Chicken Cordon Bleu, Chicken Parmigiana, and French Dip.




The French Dip version was also made by Erin over at Great blog with some good tips for newbie bloggers, like me :)  As you can see, I put the Blog button tutorial to good use. Thanks for your terrific hints and thanks for being my very first Twitter follower!

Here’s Erin’s French Dip Crescents:

By the way some delectable looking food in that same post…ex: Man-pleasing Chicken, yum! It looks Woman-pleasing, too, Erin, just to let you know!

***Correction: Erin featured these crescents on her blog. The original creator/author is



Speaking of blogs with helpful hints for newbies, is a great resource for those of us just starting out. I highly recommend their ebook, 10 Ways to Grow Your Blog. It demystifies several topics on marketing your blog I found interesting and helpful. There are sections on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter that teaches the layman some great starter moves. Thanks, ladies, so much!

There was a picture of the next recipe, Blackberry Jam Crescents on Pinterest from Sis Sister’s Stuff. I followed the link and found Six Sister’s gives credit for the recipe to Lauren at I love Lauren’s blog. Lots of delicious looking recipes.
Lauren’s original recipe is entitled Easy Blackberry Cheese Danish, find it here:



For another sweet, dessert type crescent roll we have Sopapilla Cheesecake from Alina at My Yellow Umbrella. While you’re there be sure and check out Alina’s Summer Seersucker Dress. It’s so cute! I’m jealous, I wish I could sew that well! Also, one more thing on Alina’s site is a must-read love story about her and her husband. If you like a good love story, check it out here:

Here is Alina’s Sopapilla Cheesecake, found at



Since this blog is all about the famous TV chefs, I thought I should include a recipe by a celeb chef…how about this one from Paula Deen, Poppy Seed Pinwheels, here’s the link: Sounds good, the Food Network doesn’t have a picture though, but I’m alright with that because I’m not sure about posting one of their photos, anyway.

****Update: New post on CookTheTV: Cherry Cheesecake Crescents

Cherry Cheesecake Crescent Roll

Thanks for reading, guys. I hope you all like the recipes I found. I kind of digressed a few times, I know. Reading all the blogs is just too much fun! I felt the need to share :)
Have fun checking these recipes out and please let me know if you try any. Would love to hear from you. :) Di


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  • July 20, 2012, 10:51 pm

    Thanks for including my buffalo chicken crescents!

  • Di Jinx July 21, 2012, 2:21 pm

    Hi Steph, You are quite welcome, can’t wait to try them:)

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  • Di Jinx July 25, 2012, 12:06 pm

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    So happy you came…I will cruise on over to your site and follow you, too:) Thanks so much!!

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  • Frazzled Mom of Five July 25, 2012, 3:44 pm

    YUMMY! I think I want to try Claire’s Windy City first! PInning this for later!
    New Follower! Hugs, Jen @ frazzled5

  • Dana Bunker July 26, 2012, 2:38 pm

    Thanks for including my casserole. I appreciate all the kind words! *blush*

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  • Rachel July 27, 2012, 12:43 am

    SO FUN!

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    Aww, thanks Rachel, glad you like it:)

  • Amy - while wearing heels August 3, 2012, 12:37 am

    You have my mouth watering. What a great compilation of crescent roll recipes. There are a few I am going to go and check out as soon as I leave your lovely site. And, I love that you have listed your celeb chef crushes. I liked Sam from Top Chef, though, I am not sure he is considered a celeb chef :)

  • Di Jinx August 3, 2012, 9:28 pm

    Oh yes, Sam is a celeb chef…anyone cooking on TV is a celeb chef in my book! Ok plus he is just super hot!!
    I wish I would’ve had your sundried tomato crescents for the post…they look so yummy!
    Hey everyone check out Amy’s fantastic Sun Dried Tomato Crescents–only 3 ingredients!
    Thanks again for stopping by, Amy :)

  • Anu@My Dream Canvas August 4, 2012, 3:52 am

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    Yumm, yumm! I love anything involving crescent rolls! Thanks for sharing at our Pinteresting Party

    • Di Jinx August 4, 2012, 8:46 pm

      Thank you! Yes, me too. :)Di

  • Tutus & Tea Parties August 4, 2012, 11:58 am

    Yumm, yumm! I love anything involving crescent rolls! Thanks for sharing at our Pinteresting Party

  • Tutus & Tea Parties August 4, 2012, 11:58 am

    Yumm, yumm! I love anything involving crescent rolls! Thanks for sharing at our Pinteresting Party

  • Deana August 10, 2012, 1:47 pm

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  • Lillian @ My Recipe Journey February 15, 2013, 10:30 pm

    I have a TON of cresent rolls in my fridge! I think I need to try some of these recipes! YUM! I’m your newest follower! =)
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    • admin February 17, 2013, 6:11 pm

      Hi Lillian,
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      Following you back:) Thanks again, Di


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