5 Things to remember while cooking

Cooking can be a lot of fun and a person can make some great food. When a person is cooking they do need to pay attention to what they are doing. These are some things that cook need to remember to make sure their food comes out tasting good.

.1 Food Safety

Even if the food does taste good no one wants to be sick due to foodborne illness. It is important to be safe when cooking. If a person is cooking meat they need to know the correct internal temperature. A person should also how to prevent cross-contamination so that no one gets sick. A person should always remember to wash their hands often when cooking. This may seem simple but there are a lot of people that forget.

.2 Use All Your Senses

Cooking is more than just following strict measurements. There is more to cooking than the exact time. Most of the cooking is using the sense of smell. If something smells good there is a chance that it will taste good. If a person is cooking food and it begins to smell good they can check to see if it is almost. If the food does not have enough color they can turn up the temperature to lightly brown it or make a sauce to go with it. It is also fine to add extra seasoning as needed. Cooking is an experience and is not just a task. A person should have fun with food.

.3 Correct Measurements

When following a recipe learn the measurements and learn how to read them properly. If a recipe calls for half a cup of chopped herbs, measure the herbs and then chop them. If this is done the other way around there will be way too much added and this will overpower the flavor of anything else. Granulated measure cups and used to measure the dry ingredients while a glass should be used to measure the liquids.

.4 Knife Skills

There are different types of knives for different tasks in the kitchen. There is a knife for chopping, one for dicing, and another knife for slicing. A cook has to distinguish the difference between the knives and learn how to use them. The knives need to be kept sharp so they do not tear at the food. This will make it much harder to get a uniform size. This will also reduce the chance of injuries.

.5 Presentation

When a person first looks at a completed dish they can tell if they like it or not by sight. The presentation is important. The dish should have a mixture of colors and textures. It should be appealingly put on a plate. The plates should be wiped around the edges to reduce spills and to make the plate look near. Herbs are good garnishes and can add a final touch of flavor.

These are five cooking tips that a person should remember when they are in the kitchen. These tips can help ensure the food will come out looking and tasting good. The food will also be safe to eat and will be visually appealing when served.



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